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Utilising State-Of-The-Art Technology
To Make Life Easier For You!

We take pride in owning best-in-class technology and facilities to ensure government
transactions and requests become a matter of seconds for you.

Intelligent Form Filing

Powerful Form Generator

Personalised and smart forms which are complied with your unique needs instantly. Get vital answers auto-filled, and only type in the circumstantial information.

Pre-Programmed Form Completion

With each form you fill with us, the process of form-filing becomes faster as we vow to make all your transactions simpler and quicker.

PDF Generator

With automatic PDF filing, you can be rest assured that your data goes to the end destination smoothly, and all your applications are furnished within minutes.

Elevating Digitisation

Online Passport Generation

Why stand in long queues at government offices when you can generate a passport instantly, online? Take your photo and those of your documents with your phone, and we will make it passport ready and mail it to you simultaneously.

Electronic Signature

We preserve the highest level of confidentiality, so that our customers can be stress-free while signing any paperwork online through Electronic Signature.

Streamlined Online Payments

Pay through your phone- using Apply Pay, Google Pay, and other such options through GovTotal and forget about old-fashioned money orders and cheques.

Safe Storage

Upload all your documents to the cloud with utmost safety, and take them with you for easy access, wherever you go!

Digital Notary

Notarize your vital documents anytime, anywhere without visiting the notary officials in person.

Format Documents At A Stroke

GovTotal helps you convert your documents and their information from fax, email, voice, or paper instantly to a format suiting the formatting needs of the form you are submitting.

Stay Updated, Always!

Automated Notifications

Stay updated about every step of the process through automated notifications, which ping you every time your application advances to the next step!

Real-Time Tracking

Check anytime the exact location and status of your documents with GovTotal’s real-time tracking feature.

Smoothened Workflow

Your application drives quickly and smoothly just like a vehicle on a smooth road, as we work to mitigate the roadblocks and challenges which come in the way!

Customization and Personalisation

Effectual Document Upload

Upload your documents dynamically with our platform and you never have to waste your time engaging with government officials again!

Customized Package Generation

The needs of every customer are different, so why give them all the same approach? Our customized packets match your precise needs to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Expedient Services

Voice Navigation and Form Filling

Too busy to type? Worry not! You can call our customer service agent who will fill out the form for you over the phone, while you engage in other things!

Personalized Dashboard

Get a dashboard which is solely yours, with the applications you’ve applied and the documents you need all stored in a single place securely.

Intelligent Shipping

We at GovTotal ensure that you get your form or application on time and at the right place.

Powerful, Efficient and Dependable Services

Get in touch with our customer service expert anytime to get any help regarding filling up the forms or tracking your application (or even ask them to fill your application for you!)